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Re: purpose of quiet-list

> Peter Donnelly asked:-
> That said, I'd really like to see some other people jump in and tell us
> why they sub-scribe to quiet-list and what they would like to get from it.

What I would like to get from the quiet-list is information on: 
- Noise "happenings" (ie Federico's conference)
- New legislation
- New research
- Methods of perseuding legislators - other folks' success stories
- News items, articles, reports (ie Vancouver's) of general interest

After an 18 month court battle against a Jazz club's pollution of the
neighbourhood the Cape Town City Council gained a conviction and a fine of
R100 was levied (US$21 - yup - twenty-one!) .................

Ray Hattingh
e-mail: leemond@ilink.nis.za
Phone :( 27) ( 21) 531-6781
Postal Address:
P O Box 111
Howard Place
South Africa

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