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Re: boom cars

Bob S. is right in suggesting the a posting list might more usefully be
used to "send forth the message" rather than just be a release valve for
pent up frustration.  There is much that can be done to pressure various
governmental entities into taking action to reduce noise pollution whether
it be from boom cars, construction equipment, recorded "background" music
or whatever.  Those who are genuinely concerned can use the Internet to
gather and share information, report on legislation, pester elected
representatives from the local City Council to the Congress

The Noise Pollution Clearing House (http://www.nonoise.org) says, "Noise
pollution exists because some individuals and business believe that their
property rights extend to the air around them or their
equipment.............victims of noise pollution must assert their right to
not be exposed to second-hand noise, just as non-smokers recently have
asserted their right."  Movements such as "Pipedown" in London and Toronto
have taken an activist approach as has the Right To Quiet Society in
Vancouver.  I am hoping to form such an organization here in Albuquerque
and suggest to all members of the Quiet List that, if you have just been
complaining to each other, you begin complaining to others such as
Department Store Managers, Restaurants, City Council Members, State and
Provincial Legislators and Governors,  Environmental Protection Officials,
Senators, Congressmen and, yes, even your President or Prime Minister.  You
can locate almost all of them on the net. Get a copy of your local noise
ordinances and, if you feel somebody is not in compliance, report them. 
Whenever you have success, or learn of success elsewhere in reducing noise
pollution, share that information so that we can all use it to further the 
fight against unwanted and unnecessary noise.

Stephen O.

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