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>I am researching the effect of loud background music on the hearing
>impaired, their ability to function in such an invironment and what has or
>can be done to make public areas like malls, restaurants etc. more user
>friendly to those with a hearing disability.

It's known that noisy environments affect the intelligibility of speech, and
this effect is more pronounced on the hearing impaired, so they may be
affected in a greater degree than normal people.

It's not believed that noise can affect hearing impaired people more than
normal people as to hearing conservation.

People using hearing aids might benefit from the use of electromagnetic
coupling (the so-called T-position), so malls, restaurants and other public
places could provide people accompanying them with some transmitting device
(such as an FM microphone) which would transmit the voice signal to another
device which would in its turn create the electromagnetic field necessary to
activate the hearing aid.

Of course, it would be best if the surfaces of those buildings were lined
with a suitable acoustic material so as to reduce the environmental noise.


Federico Miyara  

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