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Re: boom cars

Peter Donnelly wrote:
> I'd hate to see quiet-list become a forum for guerrilla action. We need > to concentrate on raising awareness of the dangers of noise and the > benefits of quiet, not escalate the aggression.

I've been pondering this for the last two days.  The academic in me
suggets you are correct, and that your message is what this list was
designed to advocate.  Another side of me questions what "exactly" a
posting list such as this should strive to accomplish (this is not the
first list to experience such a significant philosophical conumdrum).
Further still, the activist within me that says merely confining
ourselves to righteous indignation and promoting the cause of peace and
quiet may not, in fact, be an adequate response.

So here are our options.  Remain content to send forth our message in
the hope that society will "hear" and change their posture toward this
form of violence, or stand up, fight, and be counted.  At our fingers we
have the power of the internet which provides a marketing source that
supercedes all others and should be used constructively but with purpose
and passion.  IMO, we would benefit by examining some of the major
campaigns before us (anti-smoking, drunk driving, gambling, etc.) and
determine how successful their messages were with peaceful advocacy
versus "guerrilla action."

Responding to terrorism with terrorism not only runs counter to the
purpose of humanity, but as best I can tell it has never proven
particluarly effective (in terms of success). However, there may be some
justification in leveling the field if it can be done in a direct
All too often terroristic actions randomly injure the innocent (here, an
example might be to outfit our vehicles with amplified stereo systems
and to drive by our police chief's or township managers late in the
evening so they might better understand just how anger and stress
provoking boom cars can be -- but their neighbors would unfairly become
targets, etc.); if measures can be devised that punish only the guilty,
then perhaps that will bring results we can live with.  

Insofar as EMP usage, rest assured a localized blast will disable all
electrical components.  The problem, of course, is doing so without
taking out your neighbor's TV (another problem is the inability to keep

Anyway, I'll just settle back and see how this little impasse plays
itself out.  Thanks for listening.

Bob S.

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