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Re: Noise murder

Dear Friends, 

>  It's a shame that this junk is allowed to be blasted in
>  community gyms.

I don't think that people should kill other people because they are making 
noise nor because any other reason. I'm against any form of violence. I 
think that although this murder shows us one of the effects of noise on 
people, even driving them crazy enough to kill other people, it is not 
good propaganda for the quiet crusade.     

What this is showing, rather, is that people feel helpless as to noise 
violence; they can't count on police nor on other authorities, so they do 
justice by themselves, which is of course an ill principle. It points 
out the need to have an adequate enforcement of the ordinances or 
regulations. We should avoid the tendency to gloat over this kind of 
actions and even to think "it serves them right". 


Federico Miyara

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