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Re: Electromagnetic Disruptors

Dear Friends,

>I've had the idea for a long time of building a small, concealable, 
>battery operated, short range FM transmitter for jamming illegal 
>rebroadcast of commercial signals in public spaces, but I don't think 
>anything like that would work on CD's, tapes, engines, etc. I could be 
>wrong (and I hope I am), but I don't think it's possible.

Respectfully (at the risk of being considered a traitor), I don't think 
this is the right way. I don't think an illegal action should be attacked 
by means of another illegal action. 

Last night, while I was examining my students at the University, a group of 
so-called musicians started to rehearse their so-called music at the campus
square in front of the classroom for a so-called concert to be held at the
weekend. I measured the sound level. It reached 80 dBA inside the classroom,
and over 90 dBA outside. The electrical connection was quite accesible, and 
I was tempted to unplug the whole sound system. I thought it over and
concluded that I should respect them even if they didn't respect me. I 
should start by exhibiting civility, but also exercising my rights, so on
Monday I'll place a formal complaint against the authority who allowed that 
rehearsal without even asking the faculty members if it would disturb normal

Best regards.

Federico Miyara  

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