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Re: boom cars

	boom cars.  they are the scourge of the planet.
	something has to be done of this.
	what shall we do?
	outlaw cars?
	require everyone to use electric golf carts?
	I for one like the golf cart idea.
	O. J. uses one.
	By the way, where is O.J.?
	And where is Diana, or Mother Teresa?
	What a series of events.
	And now we have boom cars.
	Wake up!
	So what should we do?
	Start a revolution?
	You remember the song.
	Well, lets look at the Y2K problem.
	Or how about the K9 problem.
	And this Internet thing ... 
	what's happening?
	I cannot work alone.
	But I want to make our world a better place!
	Anyone want to help?
	I need a very large building.
	Help me - it's tax deductable.
	Now seriously folks,
	What about boom cars?
	And train whistles?
	And emergency vehicles?
	And barking dogs?
	And air traffic?
	And construction vehicles?
	And noisy mufflers?
	And fill in the blank ...
	Sound aggression they call it.
	Let's put an end to aggression.
	Let's get together and define the FAQ's
	about noise pollution.
	Let's design a one page brochure where the who FAQ fits,
	and hand them out to offers in police cars.
	That's just one idea ...
	I have more.

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