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Re: boom cars

>   1. This is a form of assault motivated by territorial aggression not
>      love of music
>   2. That level of noise would not be tolerated coming from a house party

    These are good arguments for presentation.  Maybe we can compile a 
    list for future reference, or even produce a FAQ!  I know this problem 
    is going to get worse all through the USA, and I believe we are some 
    of the first to attack it.  This problem affects many, many people in 
    a very negative way, and they simply do not know it yet.  If this 
    problem is not resolved in the near future, there will be mayhem in 
    the streets of cities both large and small.

>   You may find that your local paper is not interested in printing a
>   letter that is basically just a call to arms.

    I understand your point ... fortunately our newspaper owes me favors.

>   but back here I don't really know for sure if anybody else really cares.

    I think this is because the problem has appeared recently and 
    suddenly, and people have not realized the affect the noise is having 
    upon them.  They need to be made aware, to become conscious, and it is 
    our job to formulate the thinking as to how to address this issue for
    future activists ... anyone know how to make a good, comprehensive
    FAQ?  Maybe a group effort?  Let's call this meeting to order ... <g>

>   Anyway, any thoughts on how to determine the interest of the township
>   residents, short of an outright survey?

    I believe the problem needs to be approached through organizing a
    community action group who feel passionate about the problem.

    Besides a letter to the editor with the objective of forming an
    activists group, I thought of another interesting way.  It would work
    like this:  Select outdoor public events happening in a city.
    A baseball game, any kind of park activities ... you know the kind of
    events.  Now convince a boom car driver that you will pay him/her $15
    to drive around the event with boom box in operation for about 15
    minutes at a time.  While the car is disturbing the gathering, you
    simple hand out flyers with a short FAQ on boom cars and a call for
    police/city council action.  Include a phone number so interested
    parties can be united for an attack on these government officials.

    I have also considered somehow programing a CD to distribute to these 
    boom car operators which will infect their electronics with some sort
    of timed virus which will appear a few weeks later.

    I have more ideas ... but that's all for now. -Chas.

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