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Re: boom cars

Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
>   I am in favor of flat outlawing boom cars.  Anyone who
>   has installed the modifications necessary to create such
>   a nuisance should suffer:
>         1. impoundment of vehicle
>         2. confiscation of offending equipment
>         3. $1000 fine
>         4. driver's license suspension if he repeats
>             the offense
>         5. revocation and jail time on 3rd offense

As one who is dead-set against these devices and the idiots who use
them, I wonder at the legality of fining someone for merely having in
their possession an item that is legally purchased at a time when no
license or restrictive measures were previously in effect (to prevent or
deny possession).  

Also, in my township (24,000+) the police have said they are limited by
PennDOT regulations (apparaently this means that rules of the road are
governed by the State, and not local laws), and also that they did not
have the ability to impound cars (why, I couldn't say).

>   Further, citizens should be encouraged to report license
>   numbers of offending vehicles, and such report should
>   enable an immediate search warrant to allow the police
>   to discover the offending equipment.   The citizen making
>   the report should be paid a bounty of $50 for every success-
>   ful discovery.
A bounty! I love it!  My problem is that I can't get a good read on how
much the boom box noise is annoying people beside myself.  The women I
see (non-confrontational, God bless 'em) say, "its just kids, what are
you gonna do?"  Older people -- in many instances -- are not as affected
by the bass or loudness, possibly as their hearing is less finely
attuned.  Middle of the roaders know its *their kids* or their friends
who are the offenders, and thus unlikely to support any action.  Anyway,
I know I'm complaining, and I know from what I've read that there are
quite a few other people complaining around the country, but back here I
don't really know for sure if anybody else really cares.

What I do hear from older persons is their frsutration at having the
music they are listening to while in their autos disrupted by boom-box
noise from a car over 100 feet away.  I've complained to the township
manager and provided him with several URL's to peruse (including those
that provide excellent noise ordinance laws). 

Anyway, any thoughts on how to determine the interest of the township
residents, short of an outright survey?


Bob S.

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