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E-Mail Response From Council Member

Last week I sent an e-mail letter to all members
of the Norman City Council, and the Mayor, and
advocated improved ordinances and enforcement
against noise.

Below is a copy of my first and only reply so far,
along with the answer I sent back to him.

   -- Michael Wright

Thanks for your comments.  We do have a noise ordinance based on
decibles by land use, e.g., residential, commercial, etc.  but I am
unsure about the adequacy of the overall level: usually 55-75 db.  I
will ask city staff about this.  You are right Norman Police are
empowered to ticket noise offenders.  For details about the ordinance
contact Mary Harley, Norman City Clerk 366-4506.

Chris Shove
Ward 3 Norman City Council member.


  Thank you for your reply.

  I am told that there is an ordinance which allows for
  a citation to be written if the noise can be heard
  within a certain distance from the source -- such as
  50 feet from the auto.   If not, we need an ordinance
  of that nature.   Auto stereos (boom cars) should
  simply be outlawed, and anyone caught driving a
  car equipped that way should suffer impoundment
  of the vehicle, confiscation of equipment, fine, and
  costs.  I recommend a tolerance of 30 feet for auto

  Nobody, neither home nor business, should be allowed
  to broadcast stereo noise beyond their property line.

  Ordinances based on decibel readings are difficult
  to enforce, because of the necessary technical
  expertise, and they are too lenient on the noise-maker.

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