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Hi everyone, this is Val Gibson MBE of Noise Network from the UK.

At long last I am to be able to communicate quickly to other anti noise
campaigners around the world.  It is also a great feeling not to be so
isolated in a difficult campaigning issue.

For those who don't know me, or have not heard of me here is a brief

I got involved in anti-noise campaigning following a domestic noise problem
that forced me to move house in 1990.  I launched The Right to Peace and
Quiet Campaign in May 1991.  Our patron was comedian Spike Milligan, who is
very well known here, but I don't know if you know of him.  Spike helped to
draw massive attention to this issue and together with thousands of other
sufferers in the UK we managed to get our government to recognise that
noise was a serious issue.

In September 1994 we held a press conference highlighting the fact that at
least 19 people had lost their lives in noise related disputes in the
previous three years.  This figure has now be widely quoted (and misquoted)
but we said it first!

A UK national newspaper picked up on our press conference and ran their own
campaign to get the law changed.  Our government in response set up a
working party.  There has been a lot happening since that time in the UK
and hopefully that has rebounded around the world.

I don't know about you, but I do feel we are clutching at straws sometimess
in what we are trying to achieve, but I do know one thing: I WON'T GIVE UP

Earlier this year our Queen awarded me the MBE for my campaigning work.  I
went to Buckingham Palace in March to receive the award on behalf of all
anti-noise campaigners around the world.  I hope you all feel that my award
is your achievement too.  Nice to be part of the "quiet-list".  Hope to
meet you all one day!


Val Gibson MBE (but please call me VAL)

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