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Re: boom cars

In a message dated 97-09-18 08:27:05 EDT, Peter writes:

<< Our Overstimulated Society
 Our society is hooked on noise. Almost nowhere can one find a shop, 
 restaurant, mall, or even doctor's office free of piped music, radio, or 
 television.  >>

   Yes, collectively speaking we are overstimulated in many 
   ways.  It's like a heroin junkie who keeps requiring heavier
   and heavier doses in order to get high.  We keep requiring
   heavier and heavier doses of media stimulation.

   It's not just noise.  It's also video..  Turn on the TV and 
   there's all kinds of mindless stimulation going on -- explosiions,
   stunts, flashing lights, and various video gimmicks which
   simply catch the eye but do nothing to inspire thinking.

   Getting back to the Diana story, it's the same thing
   in another form.   The public thirsts for more and more
   "stimulating" news about the private lives of celebrities.
   A photo of Diana and her boyfriend kissing fetched 
   $400,000.   The race was on to get another photo which
   would out-do that one.  

   The lesson the world needs to learn from the Diana tragedy
   is that we need to vastly diminish the influence of media
   in our lives.   Scapegoating the paparazzis and putting a
   few restraints on them isn't enough.

            -- Michael Wright 
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