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Barking Dogs

I've been reading all this on barking dogs very carefully.  One good
reason.  I am a dog owner.  Before everyone gets upset let my state my
position on this subject.

First, my husband, Tom, and I have a beautiful German Shephard,
Princess.  Yes, she does bark, but when she does, she has to come back
in the house.  She doesn't live outdoors.  She's in the house with us. 
When we are home, she gets all the love and attention she deserves and
believe me, she is well-loved and gets a lot of attention.  We have no
children (not by choice) so she is like our child.  She's not allowed to
run loose (we have a fenced-in yard) and most of all she is NOT allowed
to bark continuously when outside.  She loves people (even the mailman)
and we are very conscious of how her behavior can effect our neighbors.

Therefore, I agree that dog owners need to be responsible.  But having
them sign an information sheet won't do.  The irresponsible owner will
sign and ignore the thing.  What really needs to be done is much
training on what it does take to own a dog.  

We too have neighbors who let their dogs out day and night and the poor
things bark from lack of affection.  One of our neighbors thinks it's
cute to let his chihuahua's bark incessantly when they are out.  The
yapping drives me crazy.  They yap at Princess when she goes out, gets
her barking and I go outside and bring Princess in the house.  All the
while the neighbor is egging his two dogs on to bark more.  He thinks
it's cute that his two very tiny dogs bark at my shephard.

The poor neighbor in-between gets mad.  Not at us or Princess, but at
the other neighbor who goads his dogs into barking.

People have to be taught somehow that dog ownership is a life long
committment.  First and foremost, they take a lot of time to train and
take care of.  Vet bills, food, and most of all the time to love them. 
In return, if you've taken the time, you will have a well-behaved dog
who your neighbors won't mind having in the neighborhood.

As for dogs being left outside tied to a tree or just left to live
outside (even if they have a nice doghouse), why have a dog!  Dogs need
love and companionship.

As for what Bob could have done, I'm at a loss.  I've tried the same
thing with neighbors whose dogs bark.  They say since I'm a dog owner I
should understand that dogs bark.  Only I don't since I don't like my
own out there barking.  I back off with people like that for fear of
what they might do to my dog.

Bob, I wish I was one of your neighbors.  I would have sided with you. 
Nothing worse than barking dogs from people's yards who neglect their
animals.  Your neighbors don't deserve to be dog owners.  

Good Luck...

Karen J.
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