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Phone Call To Car Stereo Review

I just finished calling the 800 number for Car
Stereo Review magazine (800 645-7750).
After waiting out the automated menu, I pressed
the selection for speaking to the executive offices,
and spoke to a secretary, to whom I expressed 
my protest.

I told her that I was one of those people over 40
whom the ad was encouraging its readers to annoy. 
I further told her that I had been reduced to a state
of chronic fatigue due to sleep deprivation inflicted
by their customers.   

I also protested their openly promoting anti-social
behavior.  She asked what I meant by that.  I repeated
the ad copy trumpeting the claim that excessively 
loud stereos being are the number one annoyance
to people over 40.

She said she didn't see anything anti-social about it.
I said, "You don't think it's anti-social to promote annoying
other people with  noise?"

She replied, "I guess we just have a different viewpoint."

She did provide the FAX number.  It is 516/436-4006.
I recommend calling the voice phone if other list members
want to express themselves on this.  That way, they are
paying for it.  Further, FAXes can be too easily thrown away
without being read.

  -- Michael Wright

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