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Re: Sound/Music

> I personally am not primarily concerned with loudness, I simply do not
> want to hear (or feel) these hideous noises and their accompanying
> vibrations - they are "vexatious to the spirit". How do we get the
> legislators to realise this?
>     I am convinced that physical science alone cannot provide the answers
> and we need to involve other players - come on quiet-list, any ideas on who
> and how and where?

	I am leaning toward the direction of designing an intentional
        community with its own set of guidelines and regulations.  I
        think up to fifty people on 100 acres of land might be
        comfortable.  The community will be rural as it interfaces
        with an urban area.  The solidarity and momentum of the group
        can have a more profound impact on advancing solutions than
        the individual.  http://www.infomagic.com/~abyte/
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