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Recordings for Boom Cars

This evening I went to Blockbuster Music to see 
what kinds of recordings the typical boom car boy 
would shop for.   The obvious place to conduct my 
search was the "rap" section.  I looked for CD covers 
which highlight the prominence of bass, since that 
is what creates the "boom-boom" effect with which
they love to aggravate the older members of the 

I found a series called Best of Bass, Volumes 1, 2, and 3. 
It had selections by various performers (notice I didn't say 
"musicians" or even "artists"), and was issued by Priority 
Records of Los Angeles. The cover displays the message:

    "WARNING !! Bass Hits So Hard IT HURTS."

Again, the suggestion that "music" is supposed to "hit" 
and "hurt" completely subverts the very concept of music 
with the idea that violence and pain are its purpose.

And whom do they want to hurt?  The answer is made 
clear in the Prestige Audio ad I described the other day. 
In the text, the marketers boast of how their product  
could be counted on for putting the "over 40 set into 
cardiac arrest."

I also found an album entitled "And Then There Was
Bass," produced by Tony Mercedes Records.  It also 
featured various "rappas."

The third album I noticed was by the Bass Invaders and 
was entitled "Lost In Bass," produced by  DM records.

   -- Michael Wright

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