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Re: Agression: nature or nurture

In a message dated 97-09-30 14:59:25 EDT, you write:

<< Kathleen Hamilton wrote:

> Bob Smith raises an interesting issue.
 > I don't believe that agression is inborn. 
  [Bob's Reply}

 [Tell that to my friend whose kids were out of control by age 1. 
 Studies show there are happier babaies who are more interactive 
 and that ther are other babies who have a predisposition towards
 agressive behavior.  Whether its genetics are chemistry, I don't 
 know.  I just read the studies and watch 20/20.]   

   I think that some of the behavioral disorders being observed
   in children and teens these days might be accounted for
   by neurological damage resulting from excessive vaccinations
   done to infants and small children.

   This is off-topic, but anyone interested in exploring this
   problem can e-mail me for web sites offering alternative
   views about vaccinations.

    -- Michael Wright
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