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Ad: "Bass...in your spleen."

Another ad intended to appeal to the new "baby-
boomers" (they are rather infantile, aren't they?) 
appears in the August 1997 issue of Stereo Review
magazine (not to be confused with Car Stereo Review).

The ad was placed by Pioneer, a company which
wants the boomers to know that their speakers
are made out of advanced materials instead of 

A big selling point was that Pioneer speakers
"reproduce bass for long periods of time without
wear."  Then this gem:

   "Bass, we might add, you can feel in your

Among the many wrongful things done to society
by the noise-makers has been their undermining
of the very concept of music.  Music is to be heard.
It is not to be felt "in your spleen."

The essence of music is melody.  You cannot
have music without melody.   Rhythm sections
can make the music more interesting and complete,
but a drummer working alone is not making music.
In contrast, a lone violinist can make music.

Gangsta rap is not music.  The obnoxious lyrics
are spoken, not sung, to the accompaniment of
a percussive effect and bass line which is painfully
simple and redundant to the musical ear.

  -- Michael Wright

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