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Re: Age and noise sensitivity

I've been sensitive to noise all my life. I grew up in a small prairie
town. So any city experience was noisy, long before boom cars.

But the worst city noise I encountered was in Paris. By the afternoon of my
first day there I was exhausted because of the noise. All those little
Renaults and motor scooters (mobylettes). It was there that I first started
using earplugs to sleep.

I later lived in Toronto, where the subway has metal wheels that screech
infernally when rounding corners. I always had to plug my ears, but I was
usually the only one doing this. From that I conclude that I'm unusually
sensitive to noise.

I recall reading that someone in Toronto did a study on urban noise, and
one of the findings was that noise does the most damage when people are not
aware of it.

Now I live in the garden city of Victoria. Weedwhackers! Hedge clippers!
Lawn edgers! Leaf blowers!  Not too many boom cars where I live.

Kathleen Hamilton
Victoria, BC, Canada

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