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Re: Road Noise (fwd)

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Federico Miyara wrote:

> Bill Wilson,
> I'm sending this message again because I think it didn't reach the list.
> > Apparently there is an exponential relationship bewteen the speed of the
> > vehicle and the noise it produces
> I'm sorry that I haven't got the reference with me right now, but I think
> it is not exponential but a fairly high power, I guess sound pressure
> increases as the fifth or sixth power of speed. This means that doubling
> the speed implies 32-fold or 64-fold increase in pressure, or 30 to 36 dB
> in sound presure level.
> > small reductions in speed can result in larger reductions in noise.
> This remains true because of the large exponent.

Thanks Federico, got it. You must be an engineer. Would this relationship
be the same for tire noise i.e. the rotational speed of the tire as it would
the speed of the vehicle? 

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