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Re: Progress!

In a message dated 97-09-29 11:13:24 EDT, B Smith writes:

>The only thing they can do is yell their
>anger, and that is what boom cars do, they yell angry messages of hate
>because nothing has changed: old males still hold all the power, and the
>young males still want it.

   Well, the Oedipal conflict idea is interesting to talk about, but
   I'm afraid I wouldn't rely on it as a guideline to strategy for 
   dealing with the boom car problem.

   First of all, I am 50 years old, and I feel overpowered in this situation.
   The young males are dominating with their noise, and the cops are
   letting them get away with it.   The government is serving the lawless
   young,  it seems.  It's not just a male thing either.   Older women, 
   and people of all ages who desire tranquility in their domiciles, are 
   suffering at the  hands of the boom-car boys.  

   The true conflict is between the noise-makers and their victims,
   regardless of age and gender.  The victims need to unite on their
   own behalf.  Experience and resources offered by older males 
   can be useful, but I will be glad to accept help from anybody
   afflicted by the problem and desiring relief.

   Finally, it is older people who are running the enterprises, such
   as Orion and Prestige Audio, which market these destructive products
   to the young.

    -- Michael Wright

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