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I took the week end off!
And when I came back,
to hyperspace,
I found PROGRESS! You guys are really cooking!

Visions of Oedipal conflict came to my mind whilst tramping up the
mountain in a steady rain. We may be dealing with primal aggression
based on the original Oedipus archetype. Way back in the tribal days,
European fathers tried to kill off their sons so that the father could
keep all the females to himself, and the sons tried to kill the fathers
so he could get the females: all of them! The women watched, horrified
as one might expect, while knowing in their archetypal minds that soon
all the hoopla would go away and the best man would be left.

This primal aggression seems to be manifesting itself in the form of
noise. Anonymous-feeling persons of Generation X, reduced to the state
of nothingness (NIN=Now I'm Nothing) by the stress of entering a culture
that is economically restrictive (and hence, culturally repressive), is
expressing a primal rage against the amorphous transcendental phallus of
our established social order. The only thing they can do is yell their
anger, and that is what boom cars do, they yell angry messages of hate
because nothing has changed: old males still hold all the power, and the
young males still want it.

Legislation may be a stop gap measure to provide some sorely needed
relief in the worst areas, but we will be treating a symptom. If we ban
boom cars the problem will certainly manifest itself in other forms,
hopefully quieter forms, but possibly far more destructive, more
violent. Just take a look at http://www2.incom.net/ninteach/

As much as I love being a free wheeling wannabe capitalist, I keep
coming back to this pressure cooker we call culture. 200 years ago
capitalism was state of the art, and white males held ALL the power. Now
we're dealing with 200+ year-old economics, and white males hold just
about the same amount.

Conclusions? We either need another good old fashioned shooting war to
let those noisy kids get their aggressions out on those nasty red
devils, or maybe we just need a new economic system with a new doctrine
of human rights specifying procreation limits.

Don't let me throw a damp towel over things, though.

If there's a river we'll dam it.
If there's a tree we'll ram it.
We're making real progress here!

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