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Re: Boom Car Ad Promotes "Cardiac Arrest"

In a message dated 97-09-28 14:48:56 EDT, Eric writes:

   [Quoting from another post]

>> I know this is poorly phrased, but couldn't OSHA (probably not the right
>> agency) or some other governmental agency concoct laws that might
>> protect the miserable wretches from themselves?  I'm sure someone out
>> there will figure out what I'm trying to say and can probably say it
>> better.  
>  Right. What you are thinking of is something equivalent to the seatbelt 
>laws which require drivers to wear seatbelts to protect themselves from 
>injury. In this case the laws would protect the boom-car drivers from 
>hearing damage and, at the same time, the health and sanity of all those 
>within earshot.

    Eric, correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my impression that you
    are Canadian, so I don't expect you to know any more about
    US government agencies than I know about Canada's.  OSHA
    stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and
    only concerns itself with on-the-job issues.

   Most boom-car drivers (at least so far) are still operating on
   their own time.   God help us if employers ever permit this
   kind of  crime to be conducted by drivers of commercial 

   For these reasons, OSHA would probably have no official
   concern about the boom car problem, unless a case could
   be made that the distraction caused to drivers of occupational
   vehicles by boom cars presents a safety hazard.

   In Tulsa, a noise ordinance directed against boom cars was
   passed by emphasizing that the drivers of these vehicles
   are a safety hazard because their ability to hear the sirens
   of emergency vehicles is impaired by their loud stereos.

   This kind of reasoning can be used to recruit support from
   cops, fire fighters, and ambulence drivers.

     -- Michael Wright

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