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Chapter on noise in new Environmental Issues book

Individuals interested in noise and environmental issues in general should
know that I now have some information on our forthcoming environmental
education book.  College libraries and teachers of environmental issues
should find this book most informative.  Please pass on information to
friends and colleagues.
      My chapter on noise appears in the book
       Environmental Education for the 21st Century: International and
        edited by Patricia J. Thompson
        Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.  275 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10001
        web site:www.peterlang.com
       The authors of this book come from the United States, Canada, Germany,
UK, Greece and Italy.  The flavor is international and interdisciplinary.
 Peter Lang has offices in Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, etc.
        The book will be out shortly and I am giving this advanced notice as
        Any questions, do fee free to ask me.    Arline Bronzaft 
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