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Re: Stats?

Federico Miyara:

> Intuition--if not ideology--tells me that this isn't the right way. The
> right way is, in my opinion, to teach people that you cannot fight
> one form of violence with another form of violence, lest you fall into
> old "an eye for an eye" philosophy of justice. 

It is most unfortunate but so far, all forms of injust violence have been
fought with just violence in one form or another and it looks that wether
we like it or not but practically this symbolic principle holds true even

All wars have been fought with this principle and even present laws are
based on awarding some form of punishment, equivalent to the nature of the
crime, all in the name of justice.

There seems to be an inherent tendency of violence in all living beings,
including humans. Collective human wisdom demands that societies must live
in equality, freedom, self respect, dignity and honour and those who
violate must be brought under control through laws and regulations which
some times require the use of punitive methods.




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