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Re: Making some noise on quieting

In a message dated 97-08-03 02:13:41 EDT, you write:

<< Another issue is that almost no party or
    social meeting lacks music. Otherwise it would be 
    considered too boring.  >>

    The tragedy of this is that people are unable to
    entertain themselves with their own abilities and
    conversational skills.  I guess everybody has 
    empty space between their ears, and it has to
    be filled constantly with recorded sounds.

    As a musician, during my student days I was 
    invited to quite a few parties and asked to bring
    my instruments (fiddle & mandolin).  I never used
    amplifiers.   There would always be other musicians
    present who knew some of my material or whose
    material I could follow improvisationally.

    Others were asked to bring food & beverages, but
    I was always exempted from this obiligation because
    I brought live music.

    What a great tradition.  Too bad it died.  Now the
    typical college party is a giant sound system or a
    loud rock band and a keg of beer.

          -- Michael Wright
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