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Re: noise indicator

I am realy pleased to hear from you. Would certainly like to have your
circuit diagrams. A friend of mine suggested to use thyristors instead of
relays to switch on the lamps. I also found that the clicking noise of the
relays feeds back into the mike to make a kind of loop. I had to cover the
relays to stop it in the test run. Let me tell you that it is very simple
but quite effective. Many people showed their keen interest during the
test run on the road. For fun a few drivers made noise by blowing horns to
see if it works. I do not know myself about these IC's you are talking
about but there are experts around who will certainly help me on that.
Thank you very much and many thanks to others too who welcomed me on the

> I could send you a block diagram of this idea in case you need it.
> Sincerely, 
> Federico Miyara
> Universidad Nacional de Rosario
> Argentina

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