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Making some noise on quieting: The "Quiet Wave"


>We need to make these offenders aware that they're driving away customers.

I'm afraid they are convinced that they drive more customers in than away;
and maybe they are actually right.

What's first? The egg or the hen? Society gets intoxicated by noise. People 
need noise, because noise is part of the environment from the very babyhood. 
Thus, a quiet environment seems strange, unusual, embarrassing, disturbing.
People run away from it, so, quite understandably, merchants, radio, TV,
etc. provide the society with the antidote necessary to cope with that
awesome quieteness. And the the circle closes on itself. 

The sempiternal question is: how do we manage to break this vicious circle?
One thing for sure: it won't be easy nor immediate.

The key is, in my opinion, education; I mean systematic and asystematic
education. Information poured slowly but insistently into people's mind. 
In a natural fashion. Without anxiety. Without pressure. People dislike 
being pressed and react against that. And a great amount of creativity must
be displayed. The same message must adopt different shapes: a bylaw project
here, a Conference there; lectures, interviews, stickers, slogans. 
Sponsoring might come from public funds, as well as from individuals or
corporations which would certainly benefit from the "quiet wave": the noise
control industry, sound level meter manufacturers, theatres, concert halls,
schools, hospitals, politicians...

We must convince ourselves that the "quiet wave" is on the move and proceed

All the best.

Federico Miyara

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