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RE: Making some noise on quieting


>The education system is a good place to start. My schoolteacher friends 
>tell me that pupils are now demanding music in the classroom, and in many 
>cases they get it (e.g. in art classes). 

I think it's a world-wide trend. While maybe that here and there they get 
the music into the classroom, almost everywhere they provide themselves 
with it at home, while studying. Another issue is that almost no party or
social meeting lacks music. Otherwise it would be  considered too boring. 
The tragic thing about this is that the same is of course valid for 
children parties, and it is known that a high sound level (as it is
practice) is far more deleterious for children than for adults (as regards 
to hearing health)

>I'd like to see departments of education or school boards banning that,
>for starters. But I have no idea how to go about getting them to put 
>noise pollution on the curriculum.

I wouldn't put a ban on it; I prefer persuasion. I prefer to convince people
that they should behave in a certain fashion because it is better for them.
Of course regulations are necessary, but it is because something fails in
the education people receive, and this doesen't restrict to noise (I'm aware
that this sounds too idealist; I'm just dreaming about a better society). 

Best regards.

Federico Miyara

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