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Re: Making some noise on quieting


>The Argentinian conference on Acoustical Violence needs to be developed,
>expanded and brought to the attention of central governments worldwide 

I agree.

>any thoughts on this - how do we advertise widely

I think Internet / e-mail is a most valuable tool. For example: are there 
any similar lists / news-groups in other countries?

>how do we get medical science to prove what most of us already know?

While it's true that there is much research to be done yet, I believe many
facts are already proven; at least much more of them than public opinion 
can handle at first. 

>what about beginning with the school educational programs that the League

>for the Hard of Hearing offers - e-mail = nnadler@lhh.org 

Thank you very much for this information. I'll try there.

Best regards,

Federico Miyara
Rosario, Argentina 

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