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Re: noise indicator

>I have just joined the list.

Welcome to the list. Your idea of the noise indicator sounds truly great!
I think I'll try to apply it to Rosario, Argentina (my city). There are
several corners downtown which I call "acoustical trashcans", since more 
than 85 dBA can be measured most of the time. 

I'll try to help you with the electronics. I believe a better solution is 
to use a peak detector (or RMS detector, if available and more precision is
needed--the AD536 beeing the cheapest IC RMS converter available) and
comparators, instead of a level indicator, after the mic amplifier. The
comparators should then drive the relays or electronic switches (SCR's, for


I could send you a block diagram of this idea in case you need it.


Federico Miyara
Universidad Nacional de Rosario

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