Quiet-List 1997

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Train whistle (horn) noise


    Re: Train whistle noise

    I recently contacted the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center 
    (VNTSC) concerning research they are conducting on alternate audible 
    warning devices for trains.  This research has been sponsored by the 
    Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).  Two reports prepared by the 
    VNTSC are awaiting approval from the FRA.  You can submit your name 
    for their mailing list, and they will forward the reports to you as
    soon as they are available.  Contact person for the mailing list is:

        Ms Anya Carroll, DTS-73
        DOT/RSPA/Volpe Center
        55 Broadway, Kendall Sq.
        Cambridge, MA  02142
        (617) 494-3122

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