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Re: Radio Bass


Welcome to the list. 

>Anyway, the question is: has anyone looked at the change at the radio
>station level, and can anything be done about it?

Whenever you buy a gun, you must sign up a form declaring you know how to 
use it and that you know you are legally responsible for the consequences of
its misuse.

I think radios, as well as TV sets, stereos, and gear of the like should at
least come with a label informing the purchaser about:

1) The danger of using it at a loud volume.

2) The bylaws or regulations on noise valid at your jusrisdiction 
   and your legal responsibility in case of transgression.

I'm aware that you were referring to the station and not to the user, but as
it is always possible, by means of further amplification, to rise the sound
level up to virtually any figure, the responsibility is on the side of the
listener, who is always able to turn down the volume.

Best regards.

Federico Miyara
Universidad Nacional de Rosario

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