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Re: Spreading the word on noise

I will be writing articles on noise for general interest magazines and
newspapers. I plan to start sending out queries in September.

I moved to Victoria just six months ago and I'm still getting established
(e.g. trying to get clients and make a living.)

I've learned a lot already from this list and I welcome your input. The
concept of "noise addiction" is a useful one.

I personally feel harassed by noise whenever I go outside (traffic,
screaming gulls, lawnmowers).  I often wear earplugs when I go downtown.

Victoria has all the noise associated with lawns and gardens - lawnmowers,
hedge clippers, lawn edgers, ad infinitum.  (The downside of this beautiful
little city.)


Kathleen Hamilton
Freelance Writer and Copy Editor
Victoria, BC, Canada
> From: Peter Donnelly <skookum@islandnet.com>
> To: 'quiet-list@igc.org'
> Subject: RE: Making some noise on quieting
> Date: August 1, 1997 9:17 PM
> Thanks for raising the issue of what we can do to increase awareness that

> noise is a serious problem and not just one of life's little annoyances, 
> like potato chip bags that you have to open with your teeth.
> The education system is a good place to start. My schoolteacher friends 
> tell me that pupils are now demanding music in the classroom, and in many

> cases they get it (e.g. in art classes)..
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