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Radio Bass

Hi Folks! 

Yet another new guy checks in.  If you've already touched on this one,
please excuse me for the repeat.

We've been talking about the change in the songs the radio plays (we
live in the Phila. Metro area), not so much the songs as the bass that
seems to be a "value added" kind of thing.  Its bad enough that the bass
on some of the rap stuff is enough to knock you on your backside (even
before being amplified), but when I start hearing 1963 4 Seasons songs
with heavy bass pumped in I've got to think that the radio stations are
at least partly to blame for some of the noise problems.  

We know what's already happening in the movies (the deeper and more
profound the bass, the more excited the little kids become...and they're
the future of noise).  But when I hear my car making with the familiar
Boom Boom Boom sounds when I'm listening to an oldies station, I get a
little agitated.

Anyway, the question is: has anyone looked at the change at the radio
station level, and can anything be done about it?

Thanks to all!


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