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noise indicator

Hello all,
I have just joined the list. For technical reasons i would not be able to
post frequently (service login problems). I have a problem in which i need
your help. If you realy want to listen to noise, come to Pakistan and
stand on the road for a while. I had no interest in noise but it
compelled me to look into this problem as an individual. To begin with i
thought may be if i could make a device which show the level of noise
these drivers generate on the road by blowing pressure horns and
accelerating without a silencer, it would help to some extent. That i am
trying now. I simply picked up a condenser mike attached it to an
amplifier and level meter and connected relays with the level meter which
triggers different colored lamps. Upon receiving a low noise the lower one
or two lamps glow and as the level increases, more lamps go on. I could
cover a range of 70-99 db with five lamps. 
The reason i am using lamps is that most of the drivers are not educated
and thus i have a very low cost locally fabricated noise indicator on the
road. I have tested a prototype and it seems to be working.
I would like to share with some other netter from a developing country who
has experience in such things or may be any concerned person. I do not
know much of electronics.

Lutfullah Kakakhel

National Centre of Excellence in Physical Chemistry,
University of Peshawar, NWFP, Peshawar 25120, Pakistan.
Phohne: 92-91-40480     Fax:92-91-843109 

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