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Re: Making some noise on quieting: The "Quiet Wave"

In a message dated 97-08-03 17:06:54 EDT, Bob writes:

<< The only way I see any of this changing is for the
    medical community to get on board and start looking 
    at the music/entertainment industry  (considering who 
    it is that runs these mega-corps, good luck...this
    isn't going to be as simple as going after the evil
    tobacco empire). >>

    I would be delighted to see the right-to-quiet movement
    joined by enlightened members of the medical community,
    but I'm not holding my breath.

    The medical community doesn't make its money off of 
    simple solutions to prevent illness.  Avoiding excessive
    noise is a simple way to minimize risk of hearing impairment.
    The medical community would rather spend millions of
    dollars of taxpayers' money in testing and developing 
    cochlear implants to sell to us later at exhorbitant prices.

    Smoking?  As late as the 1940s, the Journal of the 
    American Medical Association was full of cigarette ads.
    The first doctor to blame lung cancer on smoking spoke
    up in the 1920s and was laughed at by his colleagues.

     Research-oriented audiologists in academia are likely
     sources of allies for a right-to-quiet movement, but to
     have an impact it's going to have to have a lot of grass
     roots support from people who are just fed up with noise.

         -- Michael Wright    

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