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Re: Conference on Acoustical Violence

In a message dated 97-08-04 04:06:25 EDT, Federico writes:

<< I didn't. Would you please tell me the fax number? 
    Though it would be very  nice if you could also forward it to him.

   I called the Oklahoma Capitol (405/521-2711) and was
   told that they have one FAX for all legislators.  FAXes
   are delivered to their offices after being received.

   Some legislators have individual FAXes, but they didn't
   have a directory for this.

   Representative Billy Mitchell is the one who called for
   the interim study on noise pollution. The FAX is 

   If you want to send me a FAX to forward to him, we'll
   have to agree on a time, since I can only receive FAXes
   on my computer and have to set it up in FAX receipt
   mode.   I live in the Central  time zone in the USA.  It
   is one hour earlier here than in New York and Washington.

          -- Michael Wright
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