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Noise, simple sounds & intensity


>Many on the quiet-list refer to sounds as noise which i would take for
>simple sounds.
>All the discussion of noise talked about on the list so far is about loud
>sound. What about noise, NOT due to intensity of sound.

I think it all depends on one's attitude towards a specific sound. If you
were a blind person, chances are many of the sounds which normal people
would regard as noise wouldn't be noise for you, but useful
information--spatial and directional information, for instance.

This reasoning, however, takes for granted that the sounds aren't so loud as
to be unconfortable, in which case even the blind would be overwhelmed.
That's the reason why people tend to call it "noise" only when it is loud 
noise. Interestingly, people not used to city loud noise (farmers, for
instance), are more affected by noise. Is it because they aren't used to it
or because their hearing hasn't been affected by socioacusis?     

>Even a whisper can be so noisy on occassions and beyond tolerance.

Or the unwrapping of a candy at a concert! 


Federico Miyara

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