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Re: Need Technical Advice


>    Cheap does not always mean poor quality! You may be interested in 
>visiting  http://www.isisnet.com/MAX/digital.html for a thorough 
>comparison of the Radio Shack model and the B.K. 'standard'. You'll 
>probably be very surprised at the results.

I couldn't as yet see that site, but I can imagine at least half a dozen
tests which will "show" that  R.S. reaches B.K. performance. For instance,
you may test both instruments with a sound source providing an axial sound
field, shortly after calibration, with a tone of nearly the same frequency
as that provided by the calibrator. The question is that the B & K unit
provides far more repeatable measures, it is more stable with aging,
temperature, and magnetic fields, it has a flat frequency response and a
smooth polar pattern. Moreover, they *guarantee* that the equipment complies
with IEC and other national and international standards, which the R.S.
people don't.   

You are right in that perhaps the Radio Shack is the best instrument
availabe in its price range, and even in a twofold or threefold price range.
But I'm reluctant to admit that two instruments differing in price in almost
two orders of magnitude may exhibit even performances. 

Anyway, I haven't seen that site, so my comments are only general ones.


Federico Miyara 

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