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Re: Stats?

On Wed, 20 Aug 1997, Risk Control Technologies, Inc. wrote:

> My question to the list:  is there a stockpile anywhere of statistics
> like this?  Might prove a very useful tool when confronting callous
> bureaucrats if we could show them that by not doing something about the
> noise problem that there could be terrible acts committed in
> reprisal...and that THEY might end up being sued for not acting to 
> prevent a forseeable action.

  I would also appreciate seeing any statistics of this sort, although 
I'd wager that presently none exist.
  Another consideration that you may not have thought about are all of 
the acts of violence that are committed by the noise-makers on 
individuals requesting that the noise be turned down. (In this case, by 
'acts of violence', I mean non-auditory acts.)

 Eric Greenspoon 
  Vice President - Citizens' Coalition Against Noise

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