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Re: Stats?


>Might prove a very useful tool when confronting callous
>bureaucrats if we could show them that by not doing something about the
>noise problem [that] there could be terrible acts committed in
>reprisal...and that THEY might end up being sued for not acting to 
>prevent a forseeable action.

Intuition--if not ideology--tells me that this isn't the right way. The
right way is, in my opinion, to teach people that you cannot fight against
one form of violence with another form of violence, lest you fall into the
old "an eye for an eye" philosophy of justice. 

Besides, I don't think you can sue anybody on the basis of a crime committed
by a third party.

It's different if one resorts to the effect the noise itself causes on
people, because this is the sole responsibility of the person or business
causing the noise, so if there is not a regulation which limits the emision
of noise, the responsibility is transferred to the authorities who don't
carry such a regulation.  


Federico Miyara

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