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RE: Internet mailing list

No, I don't think anyone from your group has subscribed. We would be 
delighted to have the Noise Center on the quiet-list. We see the list as a 
valuable way for pro-quiet groups around the world to keep in touch and 
exchange information and support. So far we have subscribers in Canada, the 
U.S., South Africa, and Argentina. As much as possible we are trying to 
make the list a vehicle for sharing practical information, and I can't 
think of any organization more qualified than yours for contributing to 
that effort.

To subscribe, send a message to majordomo@igc.org with any subject line and 
with the message body "subscribe quiet-list". (Include the hyphen but not 
the quote marks.) You will receive an acknowledgment. If you have any 
trouble, e-mail David Staudacher, the moderator, at quiet@igc.apc.org and 
he will put you on the list "manually."

After you're on the list, perhaps you could post a message (address to 
quiet-list@igc.org) introducing yourselves.

Peter Donnelly
Right to Quiet Society

From: 	G Arroyo[SMTP:garroyo@lhh.org]
Sent: 	Thursday, July 03, 1997 6:43 AM
To: 	Peter  Donnelly
Subject: 	Internet mailing list

Dear Mr. Donnelly,

I would like to know if my supervisor,
Nancy Nadler, the director of Noise
Center at the League for the Hard of
Hearing, has ever subscribed to your
Internet mailing list.  The specific
list I am referring to is a noise
pollution discussion group.  I know
that Nancy does receive frequent emails
from your organization concerning
upcoming events.

If the Noise Center is indeed not on
the Internet mailing list, please
advise on how we may subscribe.

Thank you for your attention.


Ya Hsin Wu
Assistant, Noise Center

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