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Conference on Acoustical Violence

Dear Friends,

I have some news about the First International Multidisciplinary Conference
on Acoustical Violence.

It will take place in Rosario, Argentina, on October 2 and 3, 1997 at the
"Centro Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia", San Martin 1080, 2000 Rosario
They are organized by the ASOLOFAL (Asociacion de  Logopedia, Foniatria y
Audiologia del Litoral), sponsored by the FUNPREVI (Fundacion para la
Prevencion de la Violencia).

The slogan of the Conference is "Towards a healthy sound environment", and
the general objective is to get a multidisciplinary approach to a sort of
violence generally not acknowledged as such, as well as to bring together
different prevention criteria.

Topics to be covered include:
a) Labor Acoustical Violence
   Causes and effects, prevention, noise and vibration control, Labor Risk
   Act, simulation and dissimulation.

b) Urban Acoustical Violence
   Acoustical Violence in and from transport, Acoustical Violence at public
   shows, acoustic advertissement.

c) Social Acoustical Violence
   Acoustical Violence at home, schools, amusement, hospitals.

Papers shall be submitted in complete version by September 15, and may 
cover any of the aforementioned topics, as well as any other directly 
related to the Conference.

Three panels, each on one of the main topics, will be held gathering 
experts from several disciplines (medicine, phonoaudiology, psychology, 
architecture, law, engineering)  

Finally, there will be four lectures on General Violence, Acoustical
Violence's otologic and non-otologic effects, Urban noise and Noise Regulations

Note: the panels and lectures will be spanish-spoken, but I think it is 
possible to arrange to have a translation service.

Registration fee: $40

For further information, please write to ASOLOFAL,
Bv. Oron~o 1187 Dpto 1ro "I", 2000 Rosario, FAX to +54-41-213246 (please
anounce a FAX to Gladys Maresca) or e-mail me and I'll transmit your
questions: fmiyara@unrctu.edu.ar.


Federico Miyara


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