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Noise groups - Europe

Does anyone have any contacts with any anti-noise/quiet groups in Europe,
electronic or ortherwise?
I believe that they may be some way ahead of the USA and Canada in noise
I am aware of:
- Valerie Gibson and The Noise Network UK
- Lisbeth Florin Longworth and Sound Guard, Sweden
- The EC Green Paper on Noise Policy
- Urban Noise: tools for diagnosis and perception workshop, Brussels,
- The 6th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem. The
Noise and Man '93 proceedings are available at 500FF from INRETS - Service
des Publications - 2, Avenue du General Malleret Joinville - 94114 Arcueil
Cedec - France 

Ray Hattingh
27 21 531-6781
P O Box 111
Howard Place
South Africa
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