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Actions Against Noise

The Dallas Morning News today (July 12, 1997) 
carried two items about noise concerns.

On page 2A it was reported that singer Barry
Manilow has agreed to donate $5000 to the
American Tinnitus Association to settle a
suit by a judge, Philip Espinosa of Arizona,
who claimed a 1993 concert by Manilow
damaged his hearing and left him in "miserable
condition" with constant permanent screeching
in his ears.  The question of whether Manilow
has adopted a policy of reduced volume at his
performances was not reported.   The judge
said that large industries like the music business
do not listen to you unless you file a lawsuit.

On page 26A it was reported that the Fayetteville
City Council (Arkansas) will consider a proposal
next week to ban outdoor music after midnight.
Fayetteville is the home of the University of 

Complaints about outdoor bands being sponsored
by a club named George's prompted the review
of the noise ordinance.

The curfew has been recommended by the 
Ordinance Review Committee by a 3-2 vote.
The Committee also voted to recommend that
police be ordered to take regular decibel readings
in Fayetteville's entertainment district between
10:00 pm and 1:00 AM without first having a
noise complaint.

Alderman Len Schaper was quoted as saying that
"People have a right to be able to sleep in their own
homes."    It is a strange comment on our times 
that such a simple common-sense notion would
even have to be debated.

Since Schaper appears to be supporting tighter
noise regulation, supportive messages to him would
be appropriate, although I don't have any information
on how to contact him at this time.

  -- Michael Wright

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