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Re: Radio in the workplace

Peter Donnelly, 

>I'm sure most list-members will agree that my friend's rights are being 
>violated by his being forced to listen to other people's entertainment 

I guess you're wright. 

>but I haven't been able to offer him any practical advice. Is anyone 
>aware of any legal precedent establishing a right to quiet in the 

I don't know your laws, but I doubt that there exist such an ordinance
protecting workers right to quiet.
I would start by asking if there is a considerable group of workers at that
workplace who are disturbed by the radio. The first measure would be to
gather and request that the radio be off at least in a percentage of the
time equal to that of workers disliking it. That seems to make sense and I
can't find any reasonable argument against it.
The second measure would be to take a radio set and tune to another station.
This arises from the supposition that the reason argued to keep the radio on
all the time is to entertain or satisfy "the majority", so if anyone has the
right to listen to music, why not his/her favorite one? The cacophony thus
generated would put people to think about the issue.
The third measure would be to ask that the music be delivered anyway, but
thru ear plugs or phones. I think it wouldm't be a huge investment to lay
some yards of cable feeding multiple pairs of low-priced phones.  
That's all what I can think of now.


Federico Miyara  

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