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Re: Car Alarms in New Orleans

In a message dated 97-07-06 15:58:28 EDT, David writes:

<< That's when the law is needed.  It may be time to 
    regulate automobile alarms -- or, if government is
    to be avoided, to at least appeal to the decency of 
    people who have them.  >>

    Good luck.  If these people had any consciences or
    concern about the rights of others, they wouldn't be
    purchasing these faulty products. 
    Regulation is necessary, and what needs to be
    regulated is the manufacturers.   They should be
    forbidden to produce and sell these devices unless
    they have been tested by independent researchers,
    not  on the manufacturers' payrolls, and rated in
    terms of the false alarm hazard they present.  The
    results of the studies should be published in 
    peer-reviewed scientific journals.   All home and
    auto noise-based alarm systems which have not
    gone through this protocol should be outlawed
    immediately, with violators suffering stiff fines and
    auto impoundment.

        -- Michael Wright

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