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Re: Research Questions

Hi Michael,

> I also haven't had a hearing test, but I have
> probably suffered some hearing loss.  

  I had my hearing tested twice a couple of years ago. Normal hearing.

> These age-related questions need to be approached
> by funded researchers.  Are we right-to-quiet advocates
> simply a group of older people who have become 
> more sensitive to noise as we have aged?   

  Not if you go by CCAN members/supporters. I think this is a misconception.
I do agree that as we age, in general we become more noise-sensitive. But 
young and old alike are becoming more and more "uncomfortable" with the 
volume level and dose of noise inflicted upon them on a daily basis.

> to her.   I propose that loud audio entertainment
> promotes the sale of liquor in the following ways:
>    1.  it attracts people to the club, just because
>         having live entertainment creates the impression
>         that "something is happening here."   In our
>         noise culture, a quiet atmosphere has come to
>         represent a boring situation.
>    2.  loud audio entertainment inflicts stress, and
>         bar patrons, unaware of noise as the source,
>         drink more  in pursuit of stress relief.

    I would agree.

- Eric

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