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Re: 1978 EPA Report

In a message dated 97-06-06 01:11:20 EDT, you write:

<< I know that Peter and yourself are convinced of this phenomenon. I am 
 not quite there yet. Presently I'd be more inclined to say that many 
 people are conditioned to noise and some may actually become obssessed by
 Addiction is quite a bit stronger and implies certain withdrawal symptoms 
 are predictable. >>

   I have had young people tell me that they cannot go to
   sleep without the stereo turned on.  Others admit that 
   they cannot study without the stereo.  Look around at
   all the joggers and roller bladers with stereo earphones. 
   Why do  you think that stereos are always blasting at
   places where young people hang out and work?  They
   are uncomfortable without this audio stimulation, and 
   the retailers know that there is money to be made by
   accommodating their need.  This has been a continuing
   part of their environment since early childhood.

   We can argue about whether to call it  an addiction or 
   just a  "noise habit."  Whatever  you want to call it,
   I am convinced that there are many members of 
   modern societies  -- mostly under 40 -- who are 
   uncomfortable in the absence of electronic audio

     -- Michael Wright 
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